Miep Collin is an interior designer. She finished art-academy St. Joost (today called ' Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving / St. Joost' ) in Breda and went deeply into industrial design in the Academy for Industrial Design (now called Design Academy) in Eindhoven. In the year 1987 she started her company Improvement. Improvement designs interiors, furniture, gives recommendations on design, in which colour, lighting, form, relation and contrast are the defining factors in creating an atmosphere, and develops concepts for extending or renovating your space. If required we manage the realisation of the approved plans. If necessary we bring in specialists such as structural engineers, contractors, builders and carpenters.


T (076) 5141226
M (06) 40417862
Miep Collin
Beverweg 6
4817 LL Breda
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